Order your Pet Food at Chewy.com and Forge Onward Anti-Bullying Animal Rescue will get a $20 donation!

We Are Just Beginning....​

We are always in need of donations and on the look out for rescues with little hope. My dream donation is some land so I can get started with forming a mini-town that will have the space for a few mini-houses/mobile homes and enclosures for the animals. In the meantime, there are two locations for rescues. One in Trabuco Canyon called (pending) which has 2 acres and an extremely loving woman managing/running the place. There is also a second in Acton, California called Sunset Breeze Animal Sanctuary. This facility is equipped to handle horses (already have one there!) and dogs. The lady managing/running this location is very familiar with horses and goes out of her way to try and find the dogs with little to no hope. I am also connected with other animal rescues because it takes more than one.

What We Need...

Horse Grooming / Wash Rack

Automatic Waterers For Horses

Leashes / Collars

Automatic Feeders For Horses

Land / Farm 

Large Enclosure For Birds

Old RV / School Bus / Transport Vehicle For The Kids

Pet Food / Treats

Kitty Litter / Cat Boxes

Puppy / Kitten Formula and Nursing Bottles

Crates / Carriers

Dog Beds / Food Bowls / Toys

Exercise Pens

Flea & Tick Treatments / Heartworm Preventative

Cleaning Supplies

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